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Meet Jessie and Fred

Greetings!  As depicted in the book, Jessie’s life had a tragic start to it.  But, as you know, she lived happily ever after!


Her happily ever after is a perfect balance between fun, more fun, and sleeping.  


She loves her twice daily training sessions and with each one we inch closer to her being her amazing true self.


In between her adventures of hiking and exploring the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, she loves her walks and she loves to nap.  Power naps are given a new meaning (she has a few years of sleep she needs to catch up on)!


She is a “comfort seeker” like no other!  There can never be enough softness, deep cushions or pillows to bury herself into.  And if it can all be coordinated with the warm sun coming in the window, at just the right angle, all the better.  Add a human to cuddle with and that’s her trifecta!


Her favorite stuffed animal is a bear named, “Bearzey”.  You can see they met on page 19 of the book and they were tucked in bed together on the last page of the book, as they do every single night. 


Jessie knows that her sleep is getting her ready for more adventures tomorrow!

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