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Check out Jessie's favorite stuff!

When I rescued Jessie, she didn’t have current vaccines or a collar around her neck.  Having worked in rescue, along with spoiling our family dogs, I was very familiar with some great dog stuff.  The fact that Jessie had absolutely nothing to her name made the acquisitions all the more fun!


We want to share with you the amazing dog stuff that we are obsessed with, and why.


And if any of you know about something that you’d think we’d love, please let us know!

Got gear?

Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear

I have long been a fan of Ruffwear.   They’re out of Oregon and it’s the gear the dogs for the Coast Guard and Ski Patrols use.  Their gear is amazing and it has a special finish that protects it even further (read:  it never smells!)  When I got Jessie she didn’t even have a collar.  My first stop was to a Ruffwear retailer!

Since she was petrified of the world, I pulled my car up to the curb and asked for “any Ruffwear collar you have”.  I was given a lovely orange one which looked great on her.  From that day forward, orange is her signature color.

Home is where the o is

Jessie is a comfort seeker! has the most amazing beds and throws and their prices are great.  It is heaven on Earth (just ask Jessie when she wakes up)!

Orvis is known as a fly fishing company, but did you know their dog stuff is awesome?  Jessie has their martingale collar (orange, or course) and they monogram everything!  Their car seat protectors are fabulous!  Check out their acacia wood dog feeder stands—dreamy!

Red Dingo Tags

Most importantly, have your dog microchipped!  From there, I splash Jessie's name and my phone number everywhere I can.  I especially love Red Dingo tags.  They are stainless steel, super strong and they have a wonderful assortment of designs and colors.  Jessie has two on her at all times:  one with my information and the other one has her vet contact information.


All dogs look great with a bandana on!  Jessie is always sporting her signature orange bandana (as seen in the book)!  Besides the fashion statement, hers also serves the purpose of covering the severe scars on her neck from her past abuse.  The area is exactly where her harness and collars rub so I wanted an extra layer of protection for her.  I looked far and wide for the perfect bandana.  It had to be big when folded in half plus it had to be soft and at a good price point.  I found them on Amazon by Balec.  

Gettin' Fancy

Wild Fiori Flower Crowns

Jessie’s type of dog can often times be discriminated against—for no fault of their own.  So to counter that, we go the extra mile to show the sweetness that she has in her soul.   Her beautiful crowns make this pretty girl even more “girly”. 

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